Staff Productivity Increases Can Equate to FREE Office Space

What if you could be shown that the right choice of future office for your business could; positively affect your growth, attract the best and brightest, directly contribute to reducing staff turnover and improve your workplace productivity. What if we could then to go on and demonstrate that it is absolutely possible for your office rental costs to be completely offset as a result of these benefits. That’s right, your new office lease would essentially cost NIL….ZERO….NADA. Wouldn’t that be worth exploring?

This productivity calculator has been specifically developed to assist you with determining how much rent you should be paying when taking into account the positive affects your new office space can have on staff productivity. Reference should be made to chapter 18 “Making Productivity Pay – How to get your office space for FREE” in the book;-
Don’t Worry About the Rent: Choosing new office space to boost business performance

Want to Know How to Get Free Office Space?

With productivity savings of 6-10% plugged into our productivity calculator, did you get an end result that equalled FREE OFFICE SPACE? If so, why not explore further and get a copy of the book, download our 60 point checklist and when ready, create your new office brief. If you have any questions why not schedule a phone or skype call with Darren?

Don’t Worry About The Rent
60 Point “Choosing” Checklist
Create a New Office Brief

How Does Your Office Rate?

Benchmark your office against the 4 elements of risk and opportunity and find out how positively your office affects your business. Do so and receive access to exclusive free resources and product discounts, ranging from 15% to 100% off of our normal prices.