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Office Space Matters have developed the resources on this page to assist businesses with the process of looking for office space with the ultimate aim of finding their perfect office. Click on the images below to initiate the downloads.

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How Does Your Office Rate?

Benchmark your office against the 4 elements of risk and opportunity and find out how positively your office affects your business. Do so and receive access to exclusive free resources and product discounts, ranging from 15% to 100% off of our normal prices


Create Your Own Brief

7 ways your choice of office can boost business performance

This brochure expands upon the framework of the four key areas of risk and opportunity described in the book, “Don’t Worry About The Rent: Choosing new office space to boost business performance”.

It describes 7 ways your choice of office can boost business performance and in doing so take your business from your worst case scenario and ultimate fear of any business;- Will my business thrive and will I be able to pay the rent? To all of your dreams have come through and ultimate prize, of;- Rental costs being completely offset due to performance gains in the business

Don’t Worry About The Rent: Choosing new office space to boost business performance

This book highlights the many opportunities available to all businesses for dramatically improving their performance, in terms of top-line revenue and bottom-line profit. Click on the image to download the first two chapters for free or follow the links below to purchase.

Talking about Don’t Worry About The Rent on the Corporate Real Estate Show

Download the first two chapters of the book for free

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How to get your Office Space for FREE

Check out our productivity calculator and explore how choosing the right office space will contribute to offsetting you leasing costs completely by clicking here

60 Point Checklist for Choosing New Office Space

The first thing you need to do to find your perfect office is to develop a brief. You can do this by working through each of the elements from this checklist, either on your own or via our DIY or automatic brief generators. Just submit your details below to receive your copy of the checklist.

5 mistakes that businesses make when choosing new offices

There are a variety of difficulties that confront business owners and managers when looking for office space and navigating the complexity of the commercial real estate marketplace.

The result for many is frustration and confusion. This feeds the fear of getting the decision wrong with respect to their office accommodation needs. They end up asking themselves, “What if I end up paying too much for my rent, the business strikes a downturn and then I am locked into rental costs that are too high for the income that my business is generating?”

To confront this fear, it’s important to acknowledge the five common mistakes made by prospective tenants when choosing new office space.

5 common mistakes businesses make when choosing new office space

Multi Criteria Analysis Tool

This is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet based tool which will allow you to rank and assign weightings to your priorities in a new office.


Don’t Worry About The Rent:

Choosing new office space to boost business performance

What if you could be convinced that the right choice of future office for your business could positively affect its accelerated growth, attract the best and brightest to your doors, directly contribute to reducing staff turnover, and improve your workplace productivity to the point that your office rental costs are completely offset? Would that be worth exploring?

This book demystifies the language of commercial real estate and building engineering to allow a CEO, COO or decision maker for corporate real estate choices to be informed and in-charge of negotiations for critical elements to be included in the leasing options for the company. Currently there is no resource available that succinctly articulates the advantages and disadvantages associated with the multitude of options available in the commercial office marketplace.

Don’t Worry About the Rent provides the answers to questions for anyone looking for office space or working in the commercial office property sector.

Download 2 Free Chapters from the Book
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How Does Your Office Affect Your Business?

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"Darren Bilsborough is master of both the science and art of asset management. This insightful book unveils practical approaches to managing and occupying buildings that will unlock hidden value and boost business returns."
Peter VerwerCEO Asia Pacific Real Estate Association
"Darren is a creative thinker driven by his desire to find new ways of doing business. I have found him to be insightful and able to assist in the development of strategic thinking – by problem-posing and provoking. A focus on the critical success factors is a skill which Darren brings to his work."
Felicity LewisFormer Mayor - City of Marion
"Darren is one of the few people who has joined up all the dots from the tenant’s point of view to focus on enabling excellent business, people and cultural outcomes.  It makes so much sense as rental costs as generally only a small fraction of the staffing costs of most businesses today."
David ParkenCEO Australian Institute of Architects
“Darren is not just a strategic thinker in the robust, even routine, sense of the word. He also looks at situations from different, unusual, and sometimes down-right quirky angles. Take his new book, here Darren examines the importance of selecting the right office accommodation for your business and demonstrates how this single choice, so often made in a rush and without consideration, will often determine the extent or likelihood of the business’s success.”
Dr. Chris Daniels PhDProfessor of Urban Ecology, UniSA
“This book is a must-read as it provides important practical insights on improving the performance of a business through the use of architectural design. Darren provides a number of helpful ideas on how to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a business, while maintaining a safe and happy work environment. I found myself eager to read more and learn. Whether it be starting your own company or expanding an existing one, this book will help to land your feet on the ground and take that next step.”
Andrew PetersenCEO of Sustainable Business Australia
“Darren has the outrageous ability to challenge broadly-accepted principles in our way of thinking and presenting compelling suggestions as to why we should reconsider some of our established conventions. No less so with his latest publication which questions our pre-conceived ideas about our workspace. In this age of establishing new work ecologies, Darren makes the compelling argument that choosing the right office space makes perfect business sense and provides an opportunity to empower our people to thrive.”
Michael PeschRegional Director NSW, WSP/Parsons Brinckerhoff
“Read on and engage with Darren - his profound and creative insight will challenge you to discover the elusive determinants creating substantial value in your life, working life and/or business.”
Mark SearleFormer CEO for City of Marion
“Darren Bilsborough possesses a diverse skillset encompassing engineering, architecture, professional services, management consultancy and academia provides him with a unique way of viewing problems and solutions. In ‘Don’t Worry About the Rent’ Darren makes use of his diverse professional experience to align an organisation’s business goals with the opportunity offered by the right type of office space.”
Joe LenzoExecutive Director, WA Division of Property Council of Australia

Project Briefing Membership Packages

We trust you have found the above free resources helpful in assisting your business in the search for your next office space. At Office Space Matters we want to make sure that your next office is a perfect match to your business needs.

To assist you in your journey we have developed a number of project briefing resources, ranging from a DIY “do it yourself” package to a fully automated project briefing generator. These resources will assist you in the creation of the briefs necessary for finding your perfect office space. Alternatively Office Space Matters can develop the brief for you via our personalised services found here. Each membership package allows you access to the on-line resources for a period of one month, should additional time be required please contact us.

Any questions?  Why not contact us for a free consultation over phone or Skype?


  • A hard copy of the book “Don’t Worry About The Rent” posted to you
  • A PDF download of “Don’t Worry About The Rent”
  • A PDF download of the New Office Brief workbook
  • 30 min. instructional walkthrough video to assist in creating your brief



  • A hard copy of the book “Don’t Worry About The Rent” posted to you
  • A PDF download of “Don’t Worry About The Rent”
  • 30 min. instructional walkthrough video to assist in creating your brief
  • Access to the Office Space Matters Automatic Brief Generator



  • A hard copy of the book “Don’t Worry About The Rent” posted to you
  • A PDF download of “Don’t Worry About The Rent”
  • 30 min. instructional walkthrough video to assist in creating your brief
  • Access to the Office Space Matters Automatic Brief Generator
  • 30min discussion with the Author

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