Briefing for a new office

How to find the Right Office: An Awesome Brief is Mandatory

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Are you searching for new office space? Well, if you are and you want it to be the right office for your business; then it is absolutely mandatory for you to be able to answer the following question; How can my choice of office positively affect my business? To assist with answering this question, Office Space Matters have developed a …

What does Stephen Hawking have to do with Office Productivity?

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Whether you are in the business of running a company or even running a country, the words efficiency and productivity are not only frequently used in policy and strategic rhetoric, they also appear to be interchangeable. There is no denying the importance of both, but understanding their differences is vital to achieving real success when focusing on financial outcomes. The …

Why Do I Need New Office Space?

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The typical CEO of a business, along with the members of their leadership and management teams, have many far more important and pressing matters to attend to than the question of what to do regarding new office space. It really isn’t on their agenda unless the business is undergoing significant growth or decline, in which case their office needs are …

Is a Productive Office Commute Possible?

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To say that I am somewhat obsessive about the subject of productivity in the workplace is an understatement. It is integral to much of the subject matter I write about, including the core theme contained in my book Don’t Worry About The Rent. Whilst undertaking research for the book, it was very important for me to get to the bottom of …

Which Pole of the Office Magnet Faces Your Staff?

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So where do you start when identifying the attributes that make an office an ‘attractor’ for both current and future staff? There are numerous article extolling the virtues of everything from pool tables, to hammocks, creative “playgrounds” and all manner of enticing and unique workplace design considerations. This article however, discusses some of the more intangible and subjective issues at …

How to choose the right office space

Don’t Worry About The Rent

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For many a business owner or manager the office is seen as a necessary liability, but not necessarily as an asset for the business to leverage. So when the time comes to review and renew the office lease, the focus of the manager will more than likely be around worrying about future office rent and keeping costs down. There will …

Problems and solutions for businesses to find new offfices

5 Mistakes that Businesses Make when Choosing New Offices

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There are a variety of difficulties that confront business owners and managers when navigating the complexity of the commercial real estate marketplace looking for new offices. The result for many is frustration and confusion. This feeds the fear of getting the decision wrong with respect to their office accommodation needs. They end up asking themselves, “What if I end up …