Briefing for a new office

How to find the Right Office: An Awesome Brief is Mandatory

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Are you searching for new office space? Well, if you are and you want it to be the right office for your business; then it is absolutely mandatory for you to be able to answer the following question;

How can my choice of office positively affect my business?

To assist with answering this question, Office Space Matters have developed a unique methodology for analysing the 4 elements of risk and opportunity associated with matching tenant business drivers to office space, aimed at improving their business’s top line revenue and bottom line profitability.

These 4 elements, strategic, reputational, operational and resources are best represented by the following questions;-

  • Strategic: How can we choose an office that best suits my business?
  • Reputational: How can my choice of office enhance my brand and positively affect my clients?
  • Operational: How can my choice of office increase operational efficiency and workplace productivity?
  • Resources: How can my choice of office attract the best and brightest staff to my business and keep them happy and healthy?

The answers to these questions will then assist businesses with the most important step in the process of finding the right office for their business, and that is the development of a project brief. This brief will then be used to engage the services of their corporate real estate team, from leasing agents to design, project management and construction team members, all required to support them in finding, designing, fitting out and finally moving into their new office space.

Additional resources, including a checklist and a ‘how to’ guide, to assist in the creation of your project brief can be found on this website . We have even created a unique automatic brief generator to make your life even less stressful by minimising the time required for you or your delegated staff member to specify a project brief that will set you up for future success by finding “your perfect office space”, a space that represents the right office for your business.

How Does Your Office Rate?

Benchmark your office against the 4 elements of risk and opportunity and find out how positively your office affects your business. Do so and receive access to exclusive free resources and product discounts, ranging from 15% to 100% off of our normal prices