What Does Success Look Like for Tenant Reps?

Is it a commission following completion of an assignment? Is it a happy client? Is it a glowing testimonial and subsequent referrals? Is it all of the above? Is there more?

What if you could tap into a process that would save you time and increase your productivity, improve your referral rates from your clients and ensure that your commissions per deal were higher than those you have been able to achieve historically? Would that start to look like a successful business model?

The most successful tenant reps are those that deliver on their claims to match a tenant’s business needs, with an office space that meets those needs perfectly. To ensure this happens consistently a far more strategic approach to the questions surrounding size of office, location of office and the office rental budget need to be explored. The most important question for a tenant to answer is therefore –

“How will our new office space affect our business?”

To answer this question, any business will need to assess their responses to the 4 elements of risk and opportunity associated with occupying office space described in the book, Don’t Worry About the Rent: Choosing new office space to boost business performance. These 4 elements are strategic, reputational, operational and resources and are best represented by the following questions; –

  • Strategic: How can we choose an office that best suits our client’s business?
  • Reputational: How can our choice of office enhance our brand and positively affect our customers?
  • Operational: How can our choice of office increase operational efficiency and workplace productivity?
  • Resources: How can our choice of office attract the best and brightest staff to our business and keep them happy and healthy?

The ability for a tenant rep to tease out the answers to these questions from their clients, will then assist with shortlisting office space options that perfectly match their client’s business needs. The outcome from this process will be the ability to place businesses in office spaces that will; positively affect the accelerated growth of their business, attract the best and brightest to their business, directly contribute to reducing staff turnover and improve workplace productivity.

The result for your clients is the potential for improved business performance to be significant enough for their office rental costs to be completely offset.

The result for you will be happy clients, more referrals, enhanced reputation, bigger pipeline, increased revenue streams and greater profitability.

Quite simply, utilising these tools will help brokers engage with their clients, become more efficient, win more mandates and make more money.

Craig Shute, (former) Senior Managing Director CBRE Hong Kong, Macau & Taiwan

Success has never looked better

Office Space Matters provides competitive advantage to tenant reps by offering quick repeatable tenant requirement briefs resulting in happier clients and larger fees

The quickest and easiest way for tenant reps to acquire the answers to the 4 questions above is to utilise the Office Space Matters automatic briefing generator. This is a web based application that walks a business through a series of up to 50 questions which are then analysed to create a project brief. The brief provides details on preferred locational requirements, building amenity, effective size of office, transport options, workplace choices, engineering preferences and budget expectations.

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The Office Space Matters automatic briefing generator will assist tenant reps in the day to day operations of their businesses through the provision of the following benefits; –

  • Improved pipeline and increased revenue; Demonstrating the value proposition of matching your client’s business drivers to office space options provides the opportunity to place tenants in higher value properties. This will increase revenue and therefore reduce pressure on the pipeline of your business.
  • Improved Profitability; – The automatic brief generator provides a productive, efficient and therefore cost-effective means to get to the heart of your client’s office accommodation needs quickly and efficiently. The briefing process also ensures that value and not lowest cost considerations are fully explained in assessing office space needs. The opportunity therefore is to place tenants in higher value properties with their accompanying higher commissions, as noted above.
  • Enhanced Reputation; – Due to the manner in which the brief is generated (answering up to 50 questions in accordance with the above methodology) there is complete independence, consistency and alignment with your client’s corporate strategy. The result is happier clients and more referrals